Google and NBC Strike Google TV Deal

Google and NBC Strike Google TV Deal

A new deal between Google and NBC Universal should give a big boost to Google’s foray into TV Ad serving that has been in beta testing for some time now.  The multi-year deal, as reported on SearchEngineWatch blog, involves a portion of the Ads served on some of NBC’s cable television networks, however NBC maintains control over what is actually shown.

The multi-year deal will provide both a boost in ad inventory, and a boost in legitimacy in the eyes of many advertisers. Google will initially sell ads on six NBCU cable networks: Sci Fi, Oxygen, MSNBC, CNBC, Sleuth, and Chiller. More networks may be brought on as the partnership develops. NBCU also owns Bravo, USA, and several owned-and-operated local stations. It also owns the Telemundo Spanish-language network.

There will also be a focus on research and experiments in terms of how to best deliver the ads and measure success rates, etc as the tools are further developed. Some more info can be found on  SearchEngineWatch blog.

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