Google and Social Media

Google and Social Media

Interesting news from the world of search last week when Google announced it’s acquisition of PostRank.

For those who don’t know PostRank, it is a service in the social analytics space that measures and tracks social media posts. This service allows users to get real-time data on trending hot topics, specific personal posts, and popular conversations on the web.

Some possible theories on how Google can use Postrank’s product in their algorithm:

  • Copying Facebook’s “Like” button and its functionality¬†via Google +1 buttons. If everyone takes this up, then Google will be able to¬†analyse its data and eventually create a more socially-driven search engine result as compared to the current link-based system.
  • As they are already integrating Twitter feeds onto some search results, Postrank will help provide a foundation based on data that will determine which stories or posts get promoted to the top of the results page.
  • The future of Google’s social network, which is rumoured to be called ‘Google Me’ or ‘Google Circles’, may be able to compete with and rival Facebook, now that they have social media data to work from.

For more details about the story, click here.

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