Google Buys Metaweb

Google Buys Metaweb

It has been announced last week that Google has purchased Metaweb in an aim to further improve search, with efforts for rich snippets and search answer such as fact-finding search query answers.

An example provided is if you search [Barack Obama birthday] in the search box.  The answer of his birth date is presented at the top of the search results.

Ideally Google would like to see the longer tail search query questions to be generating the relevant answer and information in the above manner.

Metaweb  was originally founded in 2005 with the aim for websites to have “richer and more engaging” content and website interaction. Metaweb have an extremely large database with information on over 11 million topics/things such as celebrities, companies, movies, holiday destination providing site owners with third party content access, with theinformation being pulled from a wide variety of content sources.

What is so different to this database of information, is the way it is collaborates and ties together the information.

The idea and utilisation of Metaweb on your website could be extremely beneficial and make the search and collection of available data to present on your site easier and more interactive.

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