Google Chews Through Directory Data

Google Chews Through Directory Data

What is the best way to get a whole lot of data very, very quickly? Ask someone who already has it to hand it over to you. And that’s exactly what Google is doing. Previously before today, Google was grabbing data off True Local mainly for their Maps vertical. It appears now though that Google has switched to Sensis and signed a deal with them to share data between each other.

What does this mean for users? It means that Google search will now power the Sensis web search (if you can’t beat them…… ) and display Google text-based ads. Not only that, Google will also be the backend for all of Sensis partners, such as Big Pond. And Sensis scratches Google’s back by handing over its Yellow business directory data, probably Australia’s largest repository, so that Google Maps starts to become a whole lot more relevant. We are assuming anyway.

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