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Google Gets in the Kitchen

Google Gets in the Kitchen

Have you ever tried looking for recipes, but it takes forever to find the correct one?  Personally, I always have to go through all these website that do not have that perfect recipe I’m looking for.

Google has a new feature, Recipe View, that helps you find recipes online.  How does it work?  Recipe View allows you to narrow your search results to only show recipes.  What’s awesome is in the left-hand navigation, there is a bar where you can choose the ingredients that you want/don’t want to be included, the cooking time, and the amount of calories you want for each dish!

Here’s an example:

Google Recipe View

Google Recipe View

If I search for “chocolate chip cookie” on the Recipe View, I can search for it so it includes hazelnuts and no cinnamon.  And if I just have 30 minutes to bake it – viola!  It’s all there!  How convenient is that?

Currently this is only rolled out in the United States and Japan, but Google will make it available to more countries in the future. Something quite delicious to look forward to!

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