Google Got Pranks

Google Got Pranks

For all that the world’s largest search engine is an insane billion-dollar revenue-generating beast that will likely be humanity’s sentient machine overlord in the near future (hopefully not my lifetime), it is nice to see that the people still claiming to run the show have a healthy sense of humour.

Check out three of my personal favourite “what the?” moments from our human allies at Google …

Prank 1:

– First, go to Google Maps  at
– Go to “Get Directions”.
– Enter Japan as the Start Location.
– Enter China as the End Location.
– Finally, go to direction # 43.

Prank 2A:

– Go to the Google homepage.
– Enter the search query “anagram”.
– Look at the suggested search result next to “Did You Mean?”

Prank 3:

-Log into your Gmail account.
-Go to the Help section.
-Go to the “Suggest a feature for Gmail” section, accessible under the “Help resources” subheading.
-Look at the last option on the list.

Have you noticed any others? Do you think that Google humour is a good thing that adds value to users – or should they just stick to search?

  • Posted at 3:15 pm, November 15, 2010

    Love it! “recursion” is a good one too. Google it!

  • Posted at 8:53 am, November 21, 2010

    For a brief period of time Googling “French Military Victories”, it would suggest. Did you mean “French Military Defeats?”

    and Los Angles to Sydney also provides hilarious results.

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