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Google Has Introduced ‘Top of the Page Bid Estimates’

Posted by in Pay Per Click (PPC)

To compliment the recently released feature ‘Top vs. Side’ reporting, ‘Top of the Page Bid’ is now available to all AdWords advertisers. The new feature aims to provide additional assistance in making educated decisions for optimising your PPC campaign.

Google states:

The top of page bid estimate is intended to give you greater insight with which to plan your bidding strategy. Meeting your top of page bid estimate is not a guarantee of ad position. Ad position will still depend on Quality Score, your CPC bid, your budget and account settings, and user and advertiser behavior.

How to view this new feature?

  • Keywords tab
  • Columns button
  • Select customise colums (drop-down)
  • Check the Est. top of page bid box and save


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