Google Image Search – Tip of The Day

Google Image Search – Tip of The Day

Today’s handy tip of the day comes direct from Google. From their Facebook Page:

Tell Google that you want images, and we’ll give you images. No, really: add the word “images” or “photos” to your query and you’ll see more images at the top of your results page.

For example:

Add Image to Search

This is an addition to Google’s Image Search Engine, which returns images in the results based on keywords entered or ‘best guesses’ when dragging and dropping images into the search field.

So Should I Optimise My Images for Search?

Most definitely! One of the key ways to optimise your images is simply to give them a descriptive file name. Not only is it personally beneficial for identifying and organising your image files, it will increase your search visibility for the millions of users who search for product or location specific (to name a few) images that tie in with your business. Rather than keeping your cameras naming convention (IMG_0001.jpg anyone?), take into consideration what users would search for, like ‘joes-cafe-sydney.jpg’, ‘cup-coffee.jpg’, ‘coffee-beans.jpg’ and so on.

Here’s a little bit of joy for your Wednesday!

Mystery Google Search

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