Google Makes Email a Priority

Google Makes Email a Priority

Google has announced its intention to release Priority Inbox, a new beta feature aimed at reducing Gmail clutter, irrelevancy and good old fashioned spam. With the modern email user bombarded on a daily basis by messages from friends, colleagues, strangers and automatic robots, organising coherent and applicable responses to the ongoing inbox assault is a neverending task.

Priority Inbox aims to act as a strategtic advisor in the behemoth war of email control, a battle with whom anyone who uses a computer at work is all too familiar. The feature automatically divides a Gmail user’s incoming mail into three sections: “Important and Unread”, “Starred”, and “Everything Else”.

How Priority Inbox will determine the relative importance of each email is based not only on the text contained within the message, but the behavior of the Gmail account user who receives them. For example, if a user regularly sends, receives and replies to emails from someone called Anne, then Priority Inbox will know that an email from Anne is likely to be relevant and worth filtering into the “Important” section.

Better yet, the system remembers and learns from past user behaviour, so the more that someone uses the feature, the better at classification the system becomes. And Gmail users can give it hints on how to improve by clicking plus and negative buttons to indicate the urgency level of each email, as well as set up personalised filters to customise the system to their unique needs.

According to Google, Priority Inbox is scheduled to roll out for testing by all Gmail users within the next two weeks.

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