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Google’s Olympic Doodles – Clever, Fun and Challenging!

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Google has been creating “Doodles” – altered versions of its logo that match a theme or event – for a good long while now. Throughout the London Olympics, Google released daily interactive Doodles which allowed users to play very challenging yet addictive games. The Doodles were themed after popular Olympic sports such as archery, diving and fencing. After playing, users were able post their scores on Google+ to boast to their friends!

I for one thoroughly enjoyed the Olympic Doodles, so much so that I’ve decided to relive them through this blog post recapping the best of the bunch. The first interactive Doodle, released on July 27th, allowed users to compete in the hurdles event. Users furiously bashed their left and right arrow keys to make the athelete run and had to press the up arrow when they wanted him to jump!

Hurdles at the London Olympics 2012 Google Doodle
The Olympic Hurdles Interactive Google Doodle – whats your high score? (Click to Play!)

The second Doodle, released a day later, let users play as a basketballer and try to score as many points as possible using their space key before the timer ran out.

Basketball at the London Olympics 2012 Google Doodle
The Olympic Basketball Interactive Google Doodle – how many points did you get? (Click to Play!)

On August 9th we got to play the Slalom Canoe which was arguably the hardest Doodle. Players had to use their up and down arrows to paddle faster as well as dodge the obstacles like rocks and frogs at the same time. So addictive!

Slalom Canoe at the London Olympics 2012 Google Doodle
The Slalom Canoe Interactive Google Doodle – whats your fastest time? Dodge those frogs! (Click to Play!)

August 10th saw us have the opportunity to play as a goalkeeper in the soccer blocking balls from a striker – another super-fun Doodle! This was the last game Google released for the London Olympics.

Soccer at the London Olympics 2012 Google Doodle
The Soccer Interactive Google Doodle – how many strikes can you block?

As an added FYI – you can find a complete list of all the past Doodles here.

What was your favourite game? Let us know in the comments below!

Olympic Google Doodle Gallery


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