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Google Preview Not a Flash in the Pan

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Google has recently confirmed that it’s going to be working on fixing it’s new preview feature.  If you haven’t seen this new feature yet, the screenshot of Adobe’s homepage below shows how this new feature affects listing in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Google preview on Adobe.com
Google preview on Adobe.com

In this scenario, the preview works fine, however when this feature is used on sites which have Flash headers or banners the result is less than impressive.

Case in point, Ewebmarketing.com.au doesn’t appear properly and our flash banner is replaced by a puzzle piece.

Google preview on Ewebmarketing.com.au
Google preview on Ewebmarketing.com.au

Google spokesperson Courtney Hohne says that webmasters shouldn’t abandon Flash altogether as Google engineers are working on a solution to render these pieces of content accurately.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft’s Windows Phone website (which uses Silverlight, instead of Flash), renders perfectly in Google Preview.

Google preview on microsoft.com/windowsphone
Google preview on microsoft.com/windowsphone

What does this mean for webmasters? There are only 3 choices:

  1. Wait and hope that Google resolves the issue
  2. Remove your Flash banner and replace it with an image
  3. Convert to Silverlight

You can learn more about Flash and Silverlight from their respective creators ( Adobe & Microsoft), and how to use them in a SEO friendly way from our post back in June: Why Apple and Google Hate Flash.


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