Google Says NO to Domain Name Tasting

Google Says NO to Domain Name Tasting

Google’s AdSense plans to exclude from it’s program those domains that are repeatedly registered and then refunded a few days later in an effort to reduce the profitability and hopefully discourage the practice that sees millions of domain names tied up and unavailable to those who legitimately want to register them.

“We believe that this policy will have a positive impact for users and domain purchasers across the Web,” Google spokesman Brandon McCormick said.

The process, known as domain name tasting, takes advantage of a 5 day grace period given on new domain registrations in order to register a domain on a popular topic and monetise it only to gain a full refund after the buzz has died down.  The move by Google (something that Yahoo already attempts to do) should represent a signification blow to the bottom line for people undertaking this scheme.

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