Google Sidewiki – Balanced Reviews or Views Askew?

Google Sidewiki – Balanced Reviews or Views Askew?

A few months on from the launch of Google’s new tool ‘Sidewiki’, and already it has stirred up much debate as to whether it could be more detrimental to a business’ website than beneficial as perceived by Google.  Google Sidewiki is a sidebar/ popup tool which allows anyone with this feature to post comments and notes about the website, appearing alongside the actual webpage.

Whether you want it or like it, people can leave their personal opinions in the comments box. You cannot stop or moderate what people say, but can only leave it in the hands of the Google Algorithm designed to place the most useful and high quality entries appearing at the top of the comments, instead of its age.  What may need to be looked into is whether comments are legitimate complaints or opinionated users just wanting a say to have an online presence. Some have described it no more than a “glorified comment system” and too “under regulated and uncontrollable”, much like the other forms of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to be of any real value to their business. Just recently in the Sydney Morning Herald an article talked about the ‘PR headache’ that this tool could potentially create. All those displeased customers or disgruntled employees can use this tool to vent their frustrations and negativity for everyone to see, leading to brand business damage and bad press.

However this tool can allows users to provide useful information and different outlooks that could be very beneficial to businesses. Sidewiki emphasises the importance for business to track and get involved in the different types of media that their views and consumers are accessing. Keeping updated on these different avenues and developing ways to manage these forms of communication will maintain business presence as innovative and keeping up with the ever changing trends in such a technology driven society.

If you would like to get more information about Sidewiki, or see what others are saying, go click crazy here.

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