Google Springs Panda Algorithm

Google Springs Panda Algorithm

SEO consultants dogmatically preach the importance of websites having unique content. With another major update on Google’s search algorithm, it has again been shown that this approach is both effective and necessary.

Known as the Panda algorithm, the latest Google algorithm update is intended to take out “content farms”, that is, websites that have huge amounts of low quality or shallow content.

Content farms characteristically mass-produce content that specifically target popular search queries. The content is not high quality and written by experts in the industry, but instead produced by marginally paid content writers, who are often based in developing countries. 

Google claimed that the Panda algorithm will change about 12% of the search results. After the new alogithm launch, many content farms have suffered noticeable rankings drops. Scraper websites – websites which do not have original content but copy content from elsewhere on the internet – are also being more heavily punished in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Even though it is mostly content farms and scraper websites that are affected, SEO practitioners will always stress the crucial importance of having unique information and content for the websites being optimised. However, this can be difficult for many website owners who do not have the time or skill required to create top-tier web content.

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