Google to Put Up $10m in Prize Money

Google to Put Up $10m in Prize Money

As reported in The Boston Globe, developers who create applications for Google’s forthcoming mobile phone operating system, known as Android, will have a chance at winning a share of $10,000,000 in prizes. A panel of judges will select winners for cash prizes ranging from $75,000 up to a whopping $275,000.

For those not in the know, Google has announced recently its plans for new software, due in phones by the second half of 2008, which will aim at attracting more spend from online advertisers. With spending on mobile phone ads set to potentially jump from todays $2.7 billion to $11.4 billion worldwide by 2011, it’s not a bad move by Google at all. Worth noting is that Yahoo is also out for a piece of the pie but are taking a different route.

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