Google Trials YouTube Mobile Ads

Google Trials YouTube Mobile Ads

As reported on Google’s official Mobile Blog, the company has started trialing ads for the mobile version of YouTube.

You may have noticed that we started running a test of display ads on select pages of the YouTube mobile site in the U.S. and Japan. This is our first step in testing mobile advertising for YouTube — it will give you a new way to interact with content on the go, while allowing us to learn how video viewers engage with mobile advertising. Our test advertisers will also have an additional branding tool at their disposal and the opportunity to reach the millions of people who visit YouTube every day on their phones.

Google has been trying desperately to uncover a successful revenue model for YouTube since purchasing the company back in October 2006.  Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt has been quoted in the press as saying finding the right form of advertising on YouTube is the “holy grail”, and this represents another step in the quest to tap the potential of YouTube’s billions of monthly page views.

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