Google 'White Space' Wi-Fi Coming Soon?

Google 'White Space' Wi-Fi Coming Soon?

Google has announced plans to utilise ‘White Space’ (the soon to be defunct airwaves TV ran on before Digital) and use it to push Wi-Fi access at incredible speeds all over the country.

People feared it may interrupt with other TV stations and wireless devices, but turns out it wont even be noticeable.

This new move is labeled the ‘Wi-Fi 2.0’ or ‘Wi-Fi on steroids’ – as the white space frequencies hold enough power and depth to push high speed internet to many people very quickly.

Personally I think this is one of Google’s greatest accomplishments to date. The airwaves will soon be rendered useless and will be 100% free for commercial distribution of internet access.

Will this be an entry point for Google to become an ISP (Internet Service Provider)? Would that be ethical? Google almost dominating the internet, its access and its content.

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