Google with Hotpot

Google with Hotpot

Choices, choices, choices. People are overwhelmed with endless choices when deciding where to go, shop or eat. It is always exciting to discover new places, but where do we go for good advice?

Google Places with Hotpot (must be signed into your Google account to access) has been introduced to make these decisions so much easier. According to Google, Hotpot is “a local recommendation engine powered by you and your friends.  With Hotpot, we’re making local search results for places on Google more personal, relevant and trustworthy.”

Hotpot consists of:

  • Google Places- which provides details and reviews of numerous places around the world.  Businesses that haven’t yet listed their business can sign up for free.  Google Places provides the business address, hours of operation, and even photos and reviews. E-Web provides a GPO (Google Places Optimisation) service which helps businesses increase their rankings on Google Places.
Preview of Google Places

Preview of Google Places

  • The places you like – You can rate the places you like, and Google can display other places that you might favour.  These can include places with a similar category, e.g. same cuisine or location.
  • The places your friends like- You can share your ratings with friends and see what they recommend.

Google has been creating so many applications for consumers to use on the go.  With the recent updates to the Google algorithm, many of the applications like Google Maps and now Hotpot are rendered suitable for mobile use.  Doesn’t this now make it crucial for businesses to do SEM, since people can use search engines anytime, anywhere?

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