Google's Android Finally on Its Way

Google's Android Finally on Its Way

It has to be said that Google hasn’t exactly had an easy time leading up to the release of its mobile phone operating system (or platform, or whatever buzz word you want to use). With delays and launches continually been pushed back, along with some disappointment from mobile phone developers with the lack of SDK updates, Google have really had to work to keep interest alive.

With Apple making continual ground with the iPhone, Google will now have to play catch up. Good news is though is that there is now a date: September 23rd, 2008 and it appears the first handset to have the operating system installed will be manufactured by HTC.

With it expected to have full integration with all of Google’s software suite, it will definitely win many a Google user over without much effort. What else is an interesting side-point is that Google did not appear to give iPhones support to its Street View technology in another recent rollout. Interesting move Google.

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