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Google’s Got Balls!

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For as far back as we can remember, Google has been rolling out different logos for different events (such as the federal election) and birthdays of famous dead celebrities (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr) which keeps it interesting and prevents us from getting tired of the same logo day in and day out.

On May 22nd this year, Google went a step further and released a playable Pacman logo which received a great response from the world wide web and enticed people to interact with the logo itself! Now, Google are rolling out another interactive version of their logo which until such time as it’s rolled out globally, can be seen on Google.co.uk. It’s also been a trending topic on Twitter for the past day or so!

You’ll need a modern browser for it to work (Chrome, Safari etc) as it runs on HTML5 and really has no other point to it than being loads of fun (small things amuse small minds?) and gives Google the chance to show off that they know HTML5!

Something interesting to note is how smart this logo actually is: If you move the browser window the balls shake and move with proper physics!

We expect to see more interactive awesomeness from Google in the near future and will keep you posted when they come out!

What do you guys think of interactive logos? Waste of time? Or fun and interesting?


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  1. Gary Reply

    Brilliant, inspire new ideas on what we can do with html5, pushing website to new limits, whilst still being compatible to most browsers.

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