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Google’s New Look: Homepage Updated Again

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Since the majority of us go on Google everyday, I guess we all realised the look of the homepage has changed recently.  The navigation bar has become a dark grey, standing out from the page.  All the links are either at the bottom or top of the page to give it a cleaner look.

Google 2011

Why has it been changed?

Google is wanting to improve the overall Google experience, so not only there will be changes on the homepage, but there will also be improvements across all Google products such as Gmail, Google Maps etc – so keep an eye out!

Let’s take this time to look back at Google’s homepages in the past. It’s amazing how much one simple page can evolve over time …

Google 1997
Google 1997
Google 2000
Google 2000Google starting to make themes with their logo:Google 2002
Google 2005
Google 2005

Google’s navigation bar:

Google 2009
Google 2009

What do you think of the changes? Too much – or not nearly enough?


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  1. Paula Lay Reply

    It’s probably best left untouched as you can only imagine what their conversion rate would be!

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