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Google’s Search for Improved Image

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Google announced a major overhaul of its Images Search earlier this week, in the first significant revamp since the feature was first introduced in 2001.

With this redesign, Google is keeping true to its ongoing goal of enhancing the online user experience. The new version of Images Search aims to improve user-friendliness and add value by giving more information for less clicks.

One of the changes made to support this objective is the availability of more information about an image on the search results page, without the need to click through to a new page. This is achieved by a user hovering their mouse over a thumbnail image to access a pop-up preview of information such as the URL location of the image.

Another change is the introduction of what Google terms “infinite scroll”: 1000 images are returned to the first results page, so no more clicking through to pages 2, 3 and beyond in order to find the right image. A nifty idea, though to be fair the credit for coming up with it has to go to rival search engine Bing.

The new layout is of particular interest to advertisers with Google AdWords, as text ads on the Images Search results page are now able to include a thumbnail image. As with the images results, users can access a larger version by hovering over ad images.

While only some users are currently able to see the new version of Images Search, Google aims to roll out the update universally by the end of this week.


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  1. Ian Reply

    I actually preferred the old images format, as the new look is too cluttered. It was much easier to find a photo and relate it to a website with the old format.

  2. Joshua Hay Reply

    I’m with Ian on his comments. I’m finding myself jumping over to Bing on occasion these days when I can’t find the images I am looking for.

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