Gumblar Exploit Growing Rapidly

Gumblar Exploit Growing Rapidly

A quick note to any of our loyal readers who may not have kept their browser up to date with the latest security patches, there has been a malware exploit named Gumblar which has been spreading quickly, infecting systems world wide.

The way the malware works is that it infects your computer when you visit a malicious site. The way it gets into your system is through old Flash or PDF security loop holes. Once sitting in the system, it lies dormant until it detects valuable data being input (such as FTP credentials) and captures the data.
Gumblar uses this data to not only infect other websites (thus capturing more victims), but also serves up phoney Google results. For example, instead of seeing E-Web Marketing when you Google “seo”, you may see one of the Grumblar sites, which are filled with dodgy affiliate links. One of the Search Engine Consultants here at E-Web was doing a search for a certain keyword, and the Google results were replaced with a strange picture, and multiple links to credit card sites. Although this is not likely to be Gumblar, it is an example of what could happen.

The first recommendation to avoid any issues is to ensure that your browser has the most up to date security patches. Once you have done that, you might want to explore using a more secure browser like Firefox or Chrome. Both of these are more secure than Internet Explorer

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