How Realistic Can Google Earth Get?

How Realistic Can Google Earth Get?

You can now explore places for your next holiday, or re-visit your childhood home more realistically with the new Google Earth.

Google Earth 6 has become more realistic, with an integrated street view experience and 3D trees. You can now fly from outer space, into cities and streets, and even land on your own roof top. Google Earth has never been more exciting! 

Another update is the ability to use the scroll-wheel on your mouse or arrow keys on your keyboard to get to another location. The resulting movements mimic the way you would walk down a street in real life. 

Here is a screen shot of the Sydney Habour:

Apart from the amazing street view experience, Google has planted 3D trees to make the world more environmentally friendly and green, like it should be. Google has added around 50 different types of trees in cities like Tokyo, San Francisco and Athens, and plans to continue its virtual planting. Wait until Google starts growing trees in Australia!

Below is a overview video of the new Google Earth:

I hope you all have fun discovering Google Earth 6!

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