How to Do Social Media Right

How to Do Social Media Right

If you could sum up the latest and greatest buzzword/bandwagon for 2009 (yes, the year is almost over), it would be the whole social web movement. It is the year where Australia really began to take notice of it and ask what it is all about. Everyone was asking everyone for advice, how to setup the accounts, and more importantly, how they could justify wasting time on Facebook/YouTube/et al and still get paid for it.

As is the way with all these movements though, all the snakes came out of the grass offering social media campaigns that generate a whole bunch of talk, crazy promises and empty wallets. By the time the clients realised that their money disappeared with no return, it was too late – they already had lost faith in social media.

That’s why Olivier Blanchard’s slides are so great about social media. In a fantastic display of biting humor and wit, he calls out all those that launch into a campaign without really stopping and thinking about what is going on. We salute the fact that he has taken the time to make those in charge responsible and being able to restore marketing department’s faith in social media.

So sit back and flick through one of the best presentations on the topic this year.

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