How to Optimize Your Website's Conversion Rate

How to Optimize Your Website's Conversion Rate

When some people think about Conversion Rate Optimisation, they think “Oh, I need to make big visual changes on my website, I can’t afford that!” and then they end up not doing anything. As a result, hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars of valuable marketing budget go down the drain because their website just isn’t enticing enough for their visitors to want to enquire or purchase online.

Now here’s the good news. Conversion Rate Optimisation doesn’t always mean a big website overhaul. It can sometimes mean just adjusting a few things and adding some small changes here and there. The key is understanding the analytical side of optimisation.

I’ve designed this infographic to help you understand and how to analyse your own website’s conversion-friendliness (or unfriendliness). I hope it can assist you to make better informed marketing decisions, and that you can take away a few simple tips for improving your website’s conversion rate straight away! 🙂


I hope you found this infographic helpful! For more information about improving your conversions, you can visit the Conversion Rate Optimisation service page  or leave a question in the comments below!



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