How to Protect Your Site Against Future Google Penguin Updates [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google recently made further updates to the Penguin algorithm, which was brought out in late April to help combat over-optimised sites and spammy link networks. The announcement was made via Tweet from Matt Cutts:

This latest update shouldn’t have a noticeable effect on most websites in Google’s SERPs, but the refinement should hopefully act to protect innocent websites from being caught up in the rankings fluctuations that were widely reported after the initial launch of Penguin. While Google claims only 3.1% of English queries have been affected, many webmasters continue to experience rankings drops. Those affected by this have the option to submit feedback on how the change has affected their search results.

Protecting Your Site from Further Updates

If your website has withstood the Pandas and the Penguins, you’re doing an awesome job for your visitors. That’s right, your visitors, not Google. After all, it’s not going to be a search engine that whips out its wallet on your website or picks up the phone to enquire about your service. Serve your visitors, and you set your website to be the most authoritative site for your industry just by being plain informative, helpful, and easy to use.

We’ve compiled a better overview in the infographic below on how the Penguin update currently works, and some ways to stay OUT of the Penguin’s diet!

Google Penguin Infographic

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