I Can't Believe It's Not Another Social Media Website…

I Can't Believe It's Not Another Social Media Website…

What are two ex-Google employees to do – start up their own social media website ofcourse!

likaholix.com is the brainchild of two former Google employees – where users can share personal recommendations about anything that they like!

So how does it all work?

Firstly, you sign up for an account from the website’s homepage, and then you are able to build a list of things you like from a database containing hundreds of different sources – such as books, movies, TV and even SEO related articles.

The website acts as a type of personal recommendation where a user personally recommends things they like to other third party users connected to their account. The great thing about this social media website is that the website provides you with a host of landing pages, each dedicated to the specific topic of interest that you have nominated to ‘like.’

Another great new feature of the likaholix website is that the recommendation is not only text based. The various landing pages also incorporate images and videos.

The website is still in beta phase (testing phase) but if the recent success of many social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter is any indication of the growing popularity of online social communities then likaholix is sure to be a hit.

Whether the social network website actually stands the test of online time (and lets be honest, in the online world – one day your in and the next day your out) is another question – but this social media junkie sure hopes it does! To start your likaholix experience just click here.

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