iGoogle – The One Stop Homepage

iGoogle – The One Stop Homepage

The biggest problem with the Internet is the amount of content and services that are available to subscribe to, visit regularly, and the most time consuming of all – update with current information ourselves (hello twitter and facebook).

So the question is how do you manage all this information effectively? The short answer is you can’t. The long answer is: the recently updated iGoogle is the closest you will ever come.

We at E-Web have been using iGoogle for quite a while, and to be honest never had too much to complain about, besides the exponential growth of all our feeds. And for us, we feel the Google Reader integration is the best part of the new feature set, along with putting the navigation on the left hand side with one click access to gadgets.

Although at the moment it appears the rollout has only happened for the USA users of iGoogle, we have been part of the Beta testing program, and running virtually the same feature set for the last few months, and definitely streamlines a few key areas that we regularly use. Lets just hope the Australian iGoogle rollout isn’t to far away.

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