iiNet Withdraws from the Government Internet Filtering Campaign

iiNet Withdraws from the Government Internet Filtering Campaign

Continuing from my previous post, iiNet, a Perth based internet service provider, have now withdrawn from the Australian Government’s internet filtering proposal. They claim this whole plan is ‘fundamentally flawed’ and believe it will be a waste of tax payers money.

Michael Malone, the Managing Director of iiNet, explained that iiNet pulled out due to the “irreconcilable differences over the ideology behind the trial”. Michael emphasized that there isn’t a clear line of what is ‘unwanted content’ especially having the communication minister, Conroy, extending the line of what is allowed to be shown in the system. The recent leaked blacklist revealed the extent of banned websites. The list included gambling sites, pornography, anti-abortion activist and a local dentist. No information can be found for businesses whom are put on the list by mistake.

“You have SMEs that have been put on this list. The whole thing is a debacle. We have a minister for communication who cannot appear to communicate.”

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