Insight into Google Search Quality

Insight into Google Search Quality

A post by Udi Manber, the VP of engineering at Google in charge of Search Quality on the official Google Blog called “Introduction to Google Search Quality” begins a renewed effort by Google to reveal more about search quality and optimisation of search results.

…being completely secretive isn’t ideal, and this blog post is part of a renewed effort to open up a bit more than we have in the past. We will try to periodically tell you about new things, explain old things, give advice, spread news, and engage in conversations. Let me start with some general pieces of information about our group. More blog posts will follow.

The post is said to be the first of many to come, and whilst it does not delve too deeply or give too much away, it is still a very interesting and valuable read. Udi takes us through an explaination of the different groups involved under the search quality umbrella – ranking, user experience, product testing, usability, and of course the web spam team (headed up by “web-famous” Matt Cutts – who is often mistaken to be the head honcho of the whole Search Quality outfit) amongst others. Well worth a read.

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