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Introducing the World’s Fastest PC

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If you’d like to play COD4 or Starcraft2 with full graphics, then you can buy a regular PC.  If you want to do it in style… Origin’s Big O is the computer for you.

With a cost between $10,999 to close to $23,000 depending on the configuration – this is the beast!

Kevin Wasielewski, originally a an executive of Alienware, created Origin in 2009.  The beast was designed to enter the “Dream Machine” competition in the US, but a market has arisen to make this dream for many geeks a reality.

The specs of this beast are almost too crazy to understand.  I consider myself a geek and have built many many many computers in my time.  But some of the items in this thing even I haven’t heard of…

– Dual 1 Kilowatt power supplies
– Quad OCZ 50GB Vertex2(Raid 0)
– Dual 2tb WD Caviar Black
– Integrated Liquid Cooled Xbox 360 Slim

I think that last one’s my favourite. But not only can the beast be fitted with an Xbox360, it’s also compatible with a PS3. You can even configure it to play Wii!

This is not something I would ever dream of buying – and I am sure many of you would be the same.  I would consider this PC as more of a trophy rather than a gaming machine. Something that you can put on a pedestal and light candles around.  You might even want to put little wheels on the base to drive you to work, I am sure it would only cost another $5K!


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