Is Facebook Taking Over the Web?

Is Facebook Taking Over the Web?

Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced the newly developed features and products of Facebook. Most notably, which is an online document editor and viewer like Google Docs but connects directly to Facebook and uses all of the new social features. This allows users to share documents with friends on Facebook, edit them with input from friends and also find out what documents friend’s have uploaded onto Facebook via their profile.

Microsoft already have document collaboration solutions for the corporate market so this partnership will ensure that there are more functionality available for the user as compared to Google Docs.

Facebook is moving towards creating an interconnected web where links and pages are related and shared online. Their vision can be described as:

…one connected to Facebook’s brain via hooks — and four of those hooks are expected to be unveiled at f8:

* Facebook Connect 2.0 with auto-login features
* Facebook Presence Bar
* Share/Like buttons
* Facebook Location

The main benefits can quickly be seen for students and other Facebook users outside of the corporate environment.

What do you think about Facebook wanting to integrate every aspect of the user experience into one place?

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