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It’s All About You!

Posted by in Conversion Optimisation

It is known that traditional marketing has always been about “me” marketing. If you visit almost any web site, you will see “about our company”, “about us”, “about our history”, “about our products”, “about our management”. But to be honest, sorry if this sounds a little blunt, but people today don’t really care about you. “Me” marketing is known to make people fall asleep and lose interest. To keep your audience engaged in your website and maintaining a lower bounce rate, companies today should practice “you” marketing, in which every word on the website and every idea is about the customer, the visitor to the website.

Jay Conrad Levinson states “Don’t take this personally but people simply don’t want to know about your company, what they care about is themselves”.

If you can talk to them about themselves, and practise “you” marketing you’ll have their full attention.


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