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Make a Better First Impression

Posted by in Conversion Optimisation

With the sheer amount of information that bombards their eyes,  the average web surfer has become expert at scanning and triaging out what they should and should not read. As a result, often a first impression is the ONLY impression.

See why it’s important to write a good headline?

Great. If your website headline says “Welcome to FluffyDice.com.au!”, you’re doing everything wrong. That’s OK – it’s extremely simple to write a catchy headline.

Focus on Benefits

The headline should focus on benefits to the reader. Not welcomes, not pleasantries, not product features – BENEFITS.

Remember WIIFY – What’s In It For You?

Use Less Words

A headline should contain no more than 10 words – and that’s an absolute maximum. Aim to get between 3 and 6 words in it.


  • A prompt printing firm with excellent service: “Guaranteed delivery on all print orders”
  • A fashion store with a huge range of cheap designer clothes: “Massive range of discounted designer clothes”
  • The best rollercoaster ride in Australia: “The #1 rollercoaster down under”
  • A dance studio: “Learn modern jive in style “
  • A chain of delicious Mexican takeaway stalls: “Sydney’s tastiest mobile tacos”

What you can do, TODAY!

If the headline on your website is not up to scratch, remove and replace it with a simple, benefit based, 3-6 word headline. It will do wonders for your conversion rate optimisation – and it’s easy!


Dan is an slightly mad and wildly offensive online marketing consultant. He manages campaigns for E-Web Marketing with an irreverent style that inexplicably nets fantastic results. He is obsessed with all things online and can frequently be found blogging about Conversion Rate Optimisation, SEO and whatever random ruminations go through his questionable head.

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