Microsoft Aiming at Top Two Postion for Web Advertising

Microsoft Aiming at Top Two Postion for Web Advertising

An article on has suggested that Microsoft is preparing a strategy for the next three to five years with the ultimate goal of having a 40% market share of Web search, page views, percentage of time on the Internet and percentage of advertising dollars.

Speaking at a UBS investor conference, Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft’s platforms and services division, laid out the company’s strategy to become a leader in the growing online advertising industry with a “10, 20, 30, 40” plan.

This is somewhat of an adventurous goal to set considering right now the US market share is around six percent and the market share in Australia is negligible at best, compared to Google’s domination. Right now NineMSN PPC advertising is still run through Yahoo! Search Marketing, rather than Microsoft AdCenter, which means to have a chance in Australia they will perhaps look at buying Yahoo! altogether – a possibility that has been theorised and discussed many times in the last couple of years.

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