Microsoft and Google Looking Into Twitter Data Mining

Microsoft and Google Looking Into Twitter Data Mining

Recent sources have confirmed talk that both Yahoo and Google are now looking into striking up deals with Twitter. These sorts of deals are big news because if undertaken would greatly improve the versatility of the results the search engines serve.

Twitters last reported monthly user volumes of 54 million that generates an excess of a billion tweets. This large amount of fresh user generated data produced on a daily basis could be hugely beneficial to the search engines in that recent and relevant tweets can be integrated into a search result. These listing would play a big part in generating more related, relevant and most importantly up to date results for its users.

This deal if swayed in the direction of Microsoft would most certainly assist its search engine Bing to further increase much needed ground on its main competitor Google.

Though these types of changes would be sure to benefit both search engines and Twitter alike it appears that the social media giant Twitter is in no hurry to make a decision on the matter or to reveal precisely how much data it is willing to release. With recent valuation figures of around the 1 billion dollars it is understandable that they would be in no hurry, they always have the option of investing in their own search engine and taking on the current big players.

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