Microsoft Bids $44.6 Billion USD for Yahoo!

Microsoft Bids $44.6 Billion USD for Yahoo!

Microsoft has offered $44.6 Billion dollars to purchase Yahoo! Labelled as Microsoft’s most bold move to date, they wish to purchase Yahoo! to curb the escalating leadership of Google.

The deal involves a mix of both cash and stock from Microsoft, with Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) stating that they intend to merge the two companies and retain staff from Yahoo! in an incentive plan.

Jerry Yang, the CEO of Yahoo! recieved a call from Mr. Ballmer stating Microsofts intention to take over the company.

This relates heavily to my previous post, Can Google be beaten? – and as yet we have no one willing to answer this rather large question. I believe that the merging of these two companies could create a substantial competitor. Maybe Apple needs to join them in order to seal the deal?

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