Microsoft Offloading Razorfish for Ad Deal

Microsoft Offloading Razorfish for Ad Deal

Microsoft have been in talks for a little while now with the purpose of offloading digital ad agency Razorfish as reported by theĀ Wall Street Journal. The real aim of this process though is to secure a lucrative ad deal that would mean that people that anyone that runs campaigns with Razorfish would allocate a percentage of the budget to the Microsoft platform – gaming, search, and publisher websites.

Which makes perfect sense. Since Razorfish was just thrown in with the other acquisitions previously by Microsoft, logic demands that they sell off the asset, but capture the potential revenue and partnerships that will allow it to grow and develop its own systems.

Regarding the issues dealing with bias towards spends on campaigns and networks, it doesn’t seem to be a major issue. Spending a percentage of the budget with Microsoft isn’t necessarily a bad move, especially now that the company has really began to start making waves in the online arena.

Until the sale is actually made, we can watch and wait as the plot thickens and what kind of deal is finally decided upon.

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