Microsoft Pulls Plug on Family Guy Tie In

Microsoft Pulls Plug on Family Guy Tie In

A little while ago we reported that Microsoft was thinking outside the box, and looking at using the Family Guy show and creators to promote their new Windows 7 in a different way. This lasted all of less than 2 weeks, with Microsoft announcing that they are pulling out of the partnership.
After making the decision to align with the edgy show, what would cause the Microsoft executives to baulk? How about:

“riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest”

We congratulated Microsoft on attempting something different, as they have long held the reputation of being a few steps behind the cutting edge advertisers, however this isn’t likely to change. After their reputation took a massive hit with the epic fail that is Vista, it’s going to take an out of the box solution to kill some of the upstart operating systems.

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