MySpace "Transmissions" will sell Exclusive Music Performances

MySpace "Transmissions" will sell Exclusive Music Performances

New York Times reports that MySpace, in a program dubbed “Transmissions”, is inviting musicians to choose a studio and select the songs they want to perform and will then show and sell videos of the performance to its user base of upwards of 200 million accounts as at September 7, 2007, (how many of which are active is hard to say).

For years MySpace, now owned by the News Corporation, has served as a promotional platform for artists and labels, primarily through the MySpace Music portion of the Web site. Now the company wants to provide a sales component. Unlike Appleā€™s iTunes music store, which charges a flat rate of US99 cents a song, MySpace will let distributors set their own prices.

Transmissions is the first in a series of new revenue models for music that MySpace plans to introduce to its average of 17.9 million unique visitors per month (as was the case in October 2007). The full article can be read on the New York Times website.

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