Near Field Communication (NFC) – Coming Sooner Than You Think!

Near Field Communication (NFC) – Coming Sooner Than You Think!

As mentioned in my previous post on mobilising businesses, Near Field Communication (NFC) is well under way to becoming more mainstream and accessible to most consumers.

Google, Mastercard and Citibank have announced that they will be joining forces to create an application for the next Google Nexus S device, and future NFC enabled devices running Android. The application would provide merchants with more consumer information, allowing for more targeted ads to appear on screen to alert users of potential savings, deals, and various other goodies.

This does not eliminate the possibility that users could be given the option to sign in using existing social mediums, which would allow for further data mining, as well bridging the gap between consumer social profiles and their real world spending habits.

Do people really spend on what they comment and rave on about online? Only time will tell…along with the ever so popular infographs these days!

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