New AdWords 'Top vs. Side' Ad Performance Report

New AdWords 'Top vs. Side' Ad Performance Report

In mid-July, Google introduced a new reporting feature which allows advertisers to view the ‘Top vs. Side’ ad performance report segment. This reports on how well your ads perform both above and to the side of Google organic search results.

Previously if you wanted to estimate performance of top vs. side ad positions, you’d have needed to manually track your average position, average bid, average click through rate and conversions. Now Google have made it easier than ever, claiming that this data will show the benefits for bidding on the top positions.

Across many market segments, bidding for the top 3 ad positions is becoming more and more competitive, because certain ad features such as sitelink location extensions are only available to ads showing at the top of the page.

How to view this data?

  • Select the Campaign, Ad Group, Ads or Keywords tab in your AdWords account
  • Click the Segment button in the toolbar above your data table
  • Select Top vs. Side from the drop down
  • Results will appear in rows beneath each of your ads

Who else thinks it’s funny that Google rolled this out this reporting a month after they removed the Ad Position Preference?

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