New “Flexible Reach” Targeting Available for Google Display Network Campaigns

New “Flexible Reach” Targeting Available for Google Display Network Campaigns

Google has been revamping the AdWords interface over the past several months, with the result that now all Display buying options are accessible from a single place. This change makes managing Display campaigns easier for advertisers in the one place for ease of management.

With the aim of getting advertisers to invest more in Display, Google will soon be taking this a step further by introducing a new targeting option called “Flexible reach”. This will enable advertisers to choose either broad or specific reach by ad group as opposed to by campaign. Selecting broad reach will enable your ads to be shown on pages that match your primary method, whilst specific reach will show your ads only on pages that match all your targeting methods.


While broad and specific targeting are not new concepts or features, the groundbreaking change is that these campaign settings will be able to be set at the ad group level! Over the past 18 months, Google has been introducing a large range of features and settings such as ad extensions,  more match type variations, and improved geo-targeting. However, all such features can only be set at the campaign level.  This has forced advertisers to split their campaigns for the sole purpose of incorporating these features effectively. For the most part this has made campaign management cumbersome and slow.

I hope that this marks a turning point for AdWords usability, and that Google will continue to roll out more options to set changes at the ad group level. Google is certainly headed in the right direction – by making managing AdWords campaigns easier for advertisers, everyone is a winner. Watch this space!

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