New Google Search Ad Formats

New Google Search Ad Formats

In the attempt of providing users with the most useful results, Google has been rolling out different types of Pay-Per-Click Ads.  These not only include normal text but also support the user with further informative elements such as videos, maps, links and even images with prices for specific products.

Ad Sitelinks, Local Extensions, Products Extensions, Ads with video support feature and Comparison Ads are amongst the latest inventions in the world of Pay-Per-Click advertising, as far as PPC Ads are concerned.


Local Extension Ad




It appears like the aim of these new Ads, most of them available in the US market only, is to change the type, quality and depth of information provided from Sponsored Links to consumers before they make the decision of clicking on the Ad and actually land on the website. With consumers spending more and more time in researching products online and competition becoming increasingly aggressive on the net, being able to stand out from the crowd is significantly important.

Although this strategy is going to reinforce Google’s user friendly and consumer oriented image, I wonder whether the above Ads will actually receive more clicks than normal ones. No proven results have been released yet from the biggest player of the online search industry. After all in online marketing it is all a matter of testing, testing and testing.

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