New Staff Bio: Introducing Dan Jebamony

New Staff Bio: Introducing Dan Jebamony

Name: Dan Jebamony
Team: Campaign Management
Dan the Man, DJ, Dan Dan, Dano, D Money
Date of birth:
Country of origin:
New Zealand
Favourite food: KFC Wicked Wing
Most embarrassing moment: ‘There’s so many!’ Nearly being swept out to sea and drowning in Langkawi after deciding to attempt a swim to an isolated beach.
Favourite drink: Laphroaig
Favourite holiday destination: Ecuador
Most memorable achievement: not getting knocked out after challenging a Thai kick boxer in Thailand

Up Close with Dan ‘D Money’ Jebamony

I hope to be remembered by… the good, bad and ugly things I do, as long as I’m remembered
I have a talent for… sarcasm
In my spare time... I do not fill out quizzes
Favourite saying: Bad decisions make good stories
Favourite subject: People
Hobbies: rock climbing, kick boxing, snowboarding and knitting
Greatest achievement: surviving all the stupid stunts and alcohol that life has passed my way.
Happiest memory at school: Playing football.
Favourite music: Tool
Favourite bit of tech: LOL Catz. Dey so kewt.
Invention I’d like to see created: a sarcasm font
A fashion fad I must have is: I don’t do fashion and I’m proud of it
The image that reminds me of school is: bad uniforms
My favourite piece of clothing is: a jacket that looks like it was stolen off Tyler Durden
Next year I hope to be: younger
I hope to become a: writer
I’m looking forward to: getting a bike
I hope to work with: the staff at E-Web Marketing
When I grow up I want to: be taller
The country I’d most like to visit is: India

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