New Staff Bio: Introducing Stefan Chan

New Staff Bio: Introducing Stefan Chan

Name: Stefan Chan
SEO Progs
Stef (I know!)
Date of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Darwin, Australia
Favourite food: Hot Chips with Peri Peri Sauce
Favourite website/s:,,
Favourite YouTube video:
Man Vs. Wild – Surviving Sydney’s West
Favourite quote: The game is rigged but you cannot lose if you do not play
Most embarrassing moment: for this year it would be holding a kick-shield for a training partner two times my weight at Kung-fu and flying back 4 metres into another guy and having most of the school watching
Favourite drink: Chrysanthemum Tea
Favourite holiday destination: Queenstown, NZ
Most memorable achievement: falling off a chair and breaking my arm when I was 8

Up Close

I hope to be remembered for: buying games I never have time to play
I have a talent for: walking into walls
In my spare time I: like to watch paranormal TV shows
Favourite saying: Money ain’t got no owners. Only spenders.
Favourite subject: Games!
Hobbies: Video Games, Listening to Podcasts, Kung-fu
Greatest achievement: Beating the Head of SEO in Starcraft II 😀
Happiest memory at school: Year 6, playing OZ Tag at lunch
Favourite music: Linkin Park, Muse, AC/DC
Favourite bit of tech: my digital watch
Next year I hope to be: ranking #1 for my name
I hope to become: a game designer, writer
I’m looking forward to: buying a new 360
The country I’d most like to visit is: Japan

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  • Posted at 8:22 am, November 2, 2010

    Haha it was a well deserved win as well 🙂

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