New Video Ad Formats from Yahoo

New Video Ad Formats from Yahoo

Yahoo! has released two new advertising formats for online video as well as announcing plans to offer overlay ads thanks to their recent acquisition of Maven Networks for US$160 million.

One of the new formats includes a clickable ad that displays a semi-transparent message on top of the video when a user moves their mouse over the area.  The text, which is available either before of after a video plays, prompts the user to click for more information launch a second window loading the advertisers landing page.  The second addition is a 3 second clip advert that plays before the clip loads.  After playing it will then display in a banner above the clip and if clicked will pause the video automatically and send the user to the advertisers landing page in a new browser window. Maven offers overlay ads that load on top of the video being played and can be inserted before during or after clips, as well as placed into live streams.

At this stage the new formats are available in the US only.

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