Pakistan Government Takes Out YouTube Globally

Pakistan Government Takes Out YouTube Globally

The government of Pakistan inadvertently caused the majority of the world to lose access to the popular video sharing site YouTube for up to several hours on Sunday, after a botched attempt to block the site from being accessed by its own residents. The problem occurred because the government ordered a Pakistani telecommunications company, amongst 70 others), to route YouTube traffic into a black hole – i.e. trying to load a page or video from the site would be as if the site itself did not exist. The reason behind the directive was not clearly specified but it believed to be concerning a movie trailer for an upcoming release that is quite controversial in regards to Islam.

Originally planned to block only local traffic, the plan went awry because the company accidentally identified itself as being the fastest data route to YouTube – effectively leading to almost 2/3 of the internet being routed to a black hole instead of their videos. The outage lasted for up to 2 hours in some countries through Asia.

For more information, check out the source article on The Washington Post.

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