"People Talking About This" – Are You Being Heard on Facebook?

"People Talking About This" – Are You Being Heard on Facebook?

Many companies have already created Facebook fanpages for their products and services to engage in real-time discussions and updates with potential customers, drive traffic to their Facebook profile or website, and improve brand trust through social media interactivity.

If you are a Facebook Page administrator, there are Facebook Insight Tools available to monitor the trends and metrics around your page content and how it is performing in terms of reach, growth and demographics. Facebook is continually enhancing its Insights and emphasising the importance of page and content sharing for improving a company’s brand. Multiple research studies have shown that word-of-mouth conversations are often the most influential, which is why being able to monitor how many people are talking about and sharing the content on your Page offers you valuable opportunities.

What “People Talking About This” Means

The “People Talking About This” is a metric which appears on your Page, designed to show conversations happening about a brand on Facebook. It measures the number of unique users who have created a “story” about a page within the last seven-day period. This means that if a fan creates more than one “story” on your Page or its content, it will only add one point to your “People Talking About This” tally.

On Facebook, users are considered as creating a “story” when they: like, mention, comment on, phototag, respond to or share one of your Page’s posts; like your Page; RSVP to your event; checks in or likes/shares a check in; or recommends your place of business. Visitors viewing your page are able to see the total number of “People Talking About This” on the left hand side of the page under the number of “Likes”. This metric is public because it provides user value. It allows people to ascertain or not your Page is active and engaging based on its “People Talking About This” number.

Administrators are given access to the “People Talking About This” metric for individual posts, and there is a full tab dedicated to this which can be found under Insights on the left hand side of the page. Clicking into this tab will additionally display other metrics such as “Likes”, “Friends of Fans” and “Weekly Total Reach”.

While “Likes” is self-explanatory, “Friends of Fans” is the total number of friends your fans have. Friends of your fans are able to see when your fans have created a “story” about or on your page while “Weekly Total Reach” is the accurate assessment of the total number of people which have referenced your page within Facebook.

Why Should You Care?

As a Page admin, you should pay attention to these metrics to help understand what works best to reach your target market, and to optimise and increase the viral nature of post content. For instance, you might find that your fans love polls more than videos, or respond with particular enthusiasm to useful tips or advice about your industry. If nobody cares that you shared photos of the office cat, however, that’s good to know also. You want to engage your fans, not bore them.

For further information on how to set up a Facebook fanpage and access your Page Insights click here.
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